Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cary Brothers-Who You Are

Last night I got the chance to catch the Cary Brothers show at Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. He rocked the house with songs from his new CD "Who You Are". He personally introduced his opening bands, Mother Mother & Stars Of Track & Field, which I thought was pretty cool. He puts on a great show, very energetic and funny. The last song he played was "Blue Eyes", and he had the opening groups come up and play it with him, which I thought was pretty cool. Unfortunately the only really good picture I have is the one above, just had bought a new camera so this was a test run. Anyways, here are some songs off his new record "Who You Are". Enjoy!

  • Honestly
  • Ride
  • The Glass Parade

To buy "Who You Are"--Click Here

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