Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This and that

Last night I was at the Ryan Adam's show in Iowa City, and it was a blast. Night and day difference between last night and the show in Minneapolis. I enjoyed both, in different ways, but last night Ryan was in top form. He was engaging, he was crazy, and he was passionate about the music. He informed the crowd he is in the middle of quitting smoking, which might explain why he was so hyper, and I am glad he has taken that step. One thing that is frustrating about going to a Ryan Adam's concert are the idiot fans that insist on ignoring any semblance of common sense. It really isn't that hard to go to a concert, sit and enjoy it for a couple hours and not shout out things constantly. Then again, common sense is a dying thing these days, but it's just frustrating trying to enjoy a concert when the person in back of you insists on yelling out "Whiskeytown!!!" and "Stars Go Blue!!" and singing along with the harmonies in quiet parts of the song (Peaceful Valley). But, thankfully things like that are minuscule compared to the show Ryan put on, which blew me away. I hope he continues down the path he is on, which is just blowing off so called hecklers in the crowd, and realizing 99% of the people there are there to see him, and enjoy him, and not be jerks for their own amusement. Can't wait to see him on concert again, and I recommend anyone who hasn't seen him to do so as soon as humanly possible, he is an amazing artist live, better than in studio in my opinion, which isn't happening with many artists these days.

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rebecca said...

Hi Dan.

Is there a way to put a link to this blog entry on my blog? I'd love to put it as an FYI after my Mpls. review.

I'm new around the blogosphere, so sorry if this is a silly question! ;)