Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bob Dylan at Carnegie Chapter Hall- 1961

A great example of the early coffee house shows before Bob was picked up by CBS Records can be heard in the Chapter Hall concert. He was, of course, newly signed at this point, but was still doing the coffee house type show. He jokes and interacts with the small crowd, and sings his young heart out. Two songs of particular interest are Woody Guthrie's 1913 Massacre, (Bob stole this tune for his own 'Song to Woody') and Bukka White's 'Fixin' to Die'. This version is much the same as it would appear on the first album, as it would be only two weeks before the recording would be done. Although the show is a line recording directly from the soundboard, the early 1960's technology is evident in the sometimes muffled sound.

  1. Pretty Peggy-O
  2. In The Pines
  3. Gospel Plow
  4. 1913 Massacre
  5. Backwater Blues
  6. A Long Time A-Arowing
  7. Fixin' To Die

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