Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Amelia- A Long Lovely List of Repairs

Amelia, a Portland based indie trio, is releasing the long-awaited third studio album, A Long Lovely List of Repairs on April 22. Their first two records, Somewhere Left to Fall and After All, made Amelia regulars on indie radio stations in the Northwest and their single “Jigsaw” even made it's way to radio stations across the country and Amelia was named one 2004’s Top Indie Artists by iTunes. Now, four short years later, A Long Lovely List of Repairs is being called “One of the best of 2008".


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Unknown User said...

Are 3 piece band with female vocals conspiring to take over the world?

A couple of days back I came across Pacifika and instantly fell in love with them...now its Amelia.

But hey!...who's complaining ;-)

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