Monday, May 26, 2008

The Atomica Project- Grayscale

Her voice floats in like a dream... instantly familiar but
unrecognizable. The warm, passionate sound fills yours ears as it
meanders through genres. This isn't simple trip hop, isn't sterile
downtempo, it isn't even orchestral or lo-fi. It breathes in the space
in-between as the perfect amalgam of devastating desire and beat.
Seemingly contradictory with it's layers of organic thought and
electronic expression... The Atomica Project returns with a stunning
sophomore record, "Grayscale". Taking nearly three years to complete
after their debut album "Metropolitan", "Grayscale" is lush with
elaborate narratives of failure and recovery that will convince any
listener that The Atomica Project stands apart from their
contemporaries like Portishead or Lamb.

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