Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alyssa Graham

A sensuous blend of jazz rhythms pulses through 'Echo', a collection of songs bound together by the unforgettable resonance of Alyssa Graham's extraordinary voice. Its eleven tracks reveal musical influences from around the globe, all while maintaining the thematic feel of a deeply personal, well-told and eternal love story. With seven original tracks, four classic songs round out the album, including a delicately yearning version of Paul Simon's "America" that speaks to journeys closer to home.
Graham conveys each story with the experience and passion of a world traveler who has visited every continent but Antarctica. Her expeditions provided her with lasting musical inspiration, from Brazil's Rosa Passos to India's Lata Mangeshkar to Benin's Lionel Loueke. Produced by Jon Cowherd (Brian Blade Fellowship, Lizz Wright), the album serves as a musical travelogue that traces the arc of a modern-day love affair, beginning with the disc's first single, "Pictures of You."
'Echo' will be released July 29th.

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