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"A set of stoned proportions" -The Blue Moon, Seattle

"Johnny malone is…timeless..three days after hearing the song for the first time I find myself still humming the eerie tune.” –Dlist, Seattle

"(Adjust Your Soul) will introduce you to a sound like nothing you have ever heard before." –BarbarianMusic, Seattle

"Mulally's music — samples can be heard on the MySpace page — defies easy description. The music is catchy, often drenched in synthesizers and built on a foundation of bold, emotional chord progressions under his high, ethereal vocals." –Kitsap Sun, Bremerton

"It’s not a band that’s sucking on the trends of today or taking a trail that’s already been blazed." –Kitsap News Group, Poulsbo

"Piano-heavy folk-pop, dusty drum marches and haunting vocals build a lush sound, and lyrics are both sharp and sad at once. I listened to their tune “Downtown” on repeat today, and tried not to infuriate co-workers with my urge to stomp along." -MetroMix, Los Angeles

"The members of Mulally contribute musical tastes and backgrounds as varied as the instruments they play, creating a sound that combines pop/rock, new wave and classical influences." –North Seattle Herald

"Mulally is an indie-rock band and their range of songs is very compelling; this is not a band where every chorus sounds the same. With six members their sound is rich and full; the keyboard-thick songs are complemented perfectly by a sassy trumpet, with a layer of lyrics on top which call up love, loss, betrayal, forever- you know, all that important stuff." -CultureMob, Seattle

Mullaly (Moo-la-lee) is a six-person experimental rock band from Seattle that played has played about 65 shows since October, 2006. Their influences include early songs of the Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Pixies, The Yardbirds, Bach, Blonde Redhead, Danger Mouse and Phillip Glass.


In April 2006 a ragtangle of 15 musicians, DJ's and producers created "MULALLY: THE THIRST FOR POWER." The live band formed August 2006 when two musicians on acoustic guitars and a loop station developed vocal harmonies in a Seattle upstairs room. A six person band was formed and a month later Mullaly released their second CD, "Adjust Your Soul" . They released their new EP on April 28, 2007.


Mullaly is known for emotional chord progressions, piano and trumpet driven melodies and introspective lyrics that address the human experience, such as loneliness, fear, hatred, love and the thirst for power.

They practice twice weekly on the border of Fremont and Wallingford, and on weekends go to shows, see movies, play in eachother's various other projects or hang out at Columbia City Theatre, south of downtown Seattle - where Chris works in the bar and Justin occassionaly DJ's. Their first west coast tour took place between July 18 and August 1 of 2007.

 Upcoming Shows ( view all )

Jul 31 2008 8:00P
COLUMBIA CITY THEATRE: all ages Seattle, Washington

Sep 26 2008 8:00P
THE BLUE MOON Seattle, Washington

Oct 5 2008 7:00P
RENDEZVOUS (live taping two shows) Seattle, Washington

Oct 5 2008 10:00P
THE COMET: LATE SHOW with WOVEN Seattle, Washington

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