Thursday, July 3, 2008

Zak Smith

If hymns were rock music sung to worship whatever you happened to believe in then it would sound like Zak Smith. That’s not to say this music has anything to do with religion, except that it is a form of salvation for it’s creator.He uses it to open up his life to the listener, discussing everything from his future dreams in “Hollywood” to treason in “Traitor’s Way” and even sexual fantasies in “Girls Touching Girls”. These are the thoughts of man in his mid-twenties. Rather than confounding us with wisdom beyond his years he is being true to himself and singing about what he actually knows and has experienced and with that comes a certain frankness. Combine that with a soulful but raw voice and guitars that are alive with riffs and energy and you have a collection of great music that has plenty of potential to grow and develop with the artist.
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Jack Payne said...

Rock music is not high on my list of approved arrangements, but I have to admit, Zak Smith is an exception. He seems to have "it."