Friday, September 5, 2008

Curtis Peoples' Touching Ballad Connects With Fans

Curtis Peoples writes some catchy music, no doubt about it. What makes this young Californian so special, though, is the deeply personal way listeners connect with his songs. From the high-energy first single, "Back Where I Started," to "Holding Me Down," a swaggering rocker, the music on Peoples' self-titled debut CD is heartfelt and honest, emotional and stirring.

One night, after a gig, a young woman from the audience approached the curly-headed troubadour to let him know that she wanted his tender ballad "All I Want" to be the first dance at her wedding. It's hard to imagine any higher praise for a love song than that!

As one of L.A.'s most popular indie singer-songwriters, Peoples has found widespread success in a short period of time, touring with Tyler Hilton, Josh Kelley, Hanson, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, Tim Reynolds and Joe Firstman, all before landing his first record deal.

But for the always engaging Peoples, it's moments like meeting that bride-to-be that mean the most. "She was really down-to-earth and cool," he said. "It was definitely the nicest thing a fan ever said to me."

Peoples will be on the road through the fall, bringing his music to fans across the country.

Sep 5 - NBC/KPRI Summer Concert Series - San Diego, CA
Sep 6 - LeStats - San Diego, CA^
Sep 10 - Red Devil Lounge - San Francisco, CA^
Sep 11 - Imbibe - Portland, OR^
Sep 12 - Q Cafe - Seattle, WA^
Sep 13 - Brooklyn Nights - Spokane, WA^
Sep 14 - TBD In-Store - Boise, ID^
Sep 15 - TBD In-Store - Boulder, CO^
Sep 16 - Toad Tavern - Denver, CO^
Sep 17 - Why? Sound - Logan, UT^
Sep 18 - House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV^
Sep 24 - University of Houston - Houston, TX^

^with Tony Lucca

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