Saturday, October 11, 2008


Clowns And Queens is the first doublePark album to be released on Soundcarrier.
It includes eleven songs out of which six are duets. The idea behind this was to make a really dynamic album. Seven lead singers for the price of one. The variety of music genres is also greater than on any other doublePark album. What the songs have in common are the lyrics. They're all about relationships. Difficult, dull, unhealthy, passionate, mean relationships. Lack and fear of them.

Gustaf Karlöf (My Destroyer) is playing keyboards on five songs and Richard Krantz (After Hours) contributes with pedal steel on two songs. Henrik Bergqvist contributes as a co-writer on "Oh Baby" as well as singing harmonies.
The tracklist and their vocal duet partners are as follows:

1. Moving To The City
2. But Now I Know
3. Hatred Ain't What It Used To Be
4. Stay
5. No Time For Talking And Wine
6. Substitute
7. What A Shame
8. I Thought Of You The Whole Time
9. Oh Baby
10. Dianas Sister
11. If I Was A Girl

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