Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Elliott Smith-1969-2003

The first time I ever heard Elliott Smith was around the time Good Will Hunting came out and he was making the rounds on talk shows promoting the soundtrack. I saw him on Conan O'Brien, and didn't really think much of him to be honest. I figured he was just one of many artists I had seen on Conan or Leno and would never listen to again. Sadly, it took his death to make me revisit his music as I've always been fascinated by artists who have died (too) young. What I found in Elliott is nothing short of a religious experience. Every song is like listening to someone lay their heart on the line every time he sings, every word he wrote was straight from his heart, and there is no faking it with Elliott. For better or worse, he makes you feel something when you listen to his music. It was 5 years ago today Elliott took his own life and left millions of fans heartbroken and wondering what could have been. True, he left us with some of the best music of our generation, but I'll always wonder what more he could have done had he lived another 40 years, 20 years..heck, even 5 years. We missed out on a lot of great music, no doubt about it. Hopefully, wherever he is now, he is much happier and at peace. Here are some demos, outtakes, unreleased and live songs of Elliott, hopefully you will find them enjoyable.

Misc. Elliott songs

Amanda Cecilia
Bottle Up & Explode (Demo)
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (live George Harrison cover)
Happiness (Acoustic)
I Didn't Understand (Piano Solo)
I Me Mine (Live Beatles cover)
Last Hour
No Confidence Man
Son Of Sam (Acoustic)
Sons Into Daughters
Thirteen (Demo)
Twilight (Demo)


String Quartet Tribute To Elliott Smith

Needle In The Hay
Miss Misery
No Name #3
Easy Way Out
Speed Trials
Somebody That I Used To Know
Waltz #2
Say Yes
Between The Bars

Live at KCRW- Morning Becomes Eclectic-5-6-97

1. Hello
2. Division Day
3. Interview
4. Angeles
5. Interview
6. Needle In The Hay
7. Interview
8. Say Yes
9. Goodbye


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