Thursday, October 2, 2008


Kalliopi is a pop-rock singer/songwriter from Athens, Greece. She recently completed a single called Around the World including the track Fire and Sea and a rock n roll version of the song Summer Is Over, originally sung by Dusty Springfield.

She graduated from the German School of Athens and went on to the Arts Theatre of Karolos Koun to become an actress. She has played many lead parts in the theatre, mostly at the Arts Theatre of Karolos Koun, including The Little Prince, Findanaki, The Seagull, Antigone, The Good Luck of Maroula, Temptation and many others. Meanwhile she was always singing. She collaborated with well-known producer Coti K. in the Mixer of Lena Platonos - FM Records. It was a project that also went live at Rodon Club, one of the biggest rock venues in Athens. Kalliopi has worked as a professional singer from piano restaurants and hotels singing jazz, Latin and Greek music to groovy clubs and live venues singing pop hits, disco and dance. In 2000 she met some of the best musicians and formed a pop-rock band called Minima. They released an album " Minima" with Lyra/MBI and worked with pop-rock singer Christos Dantis, as support group, touring Greece and doing many live shows in Cyprus and Germany. She has traveled all the way to London to promote her music. She has played in various London venues like The Pop Bar, West One Four, Betsew Trotwood and George and Dragon, Hope&Anchor, and The Rock Garden. ## MySpace ## CD's ## MP3's ## YouTube

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Nice write up! Thanks so much for featuring me.