Friday, October 3, 2008

Susannah Blinkoff

Born and raised in the Big Apple, Susannah Blinkoff began singing professionally in clubs and off-Broadway when she was only twelve years old. As an actress, she has appeared in numerous TV movies, sitcoms and plays on both coasts. With plentiful experience on the stage, she decided to to take her act and talent to the world of music.

It did not take long for her music to catch on as her hook filled pop-rock songs have been featured on MTV’s hit shows such as “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and in the feature film “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” With Let’s Pretend, her second full-length release, Susannah typifies the indie spirit and the multi-talented reputation she has garnered over the years. While reaching back to a solid foundation of rock and pop the singer/songwriter takes equal elements of country, folk, and spirituals then churns out one stunning track after another on Let’s Pretend.

Without forgetting from where she came, she does not disappoint as “I Got Lucky” gets things good and warm and “My Time Now” kicks it up a notch on an emotional level, making a strong personal statement for the singer. Tracks like “Be Alright” take her vocal talents to new heights with a fiery backdrop to help support her and in the same instance; the excellent musicianship provided on the recording allows Susannah to take everything in a different direction with the haunting “The Storm Is Passing Over.”

You won’t find any cookie cutter pop rock on Let’s Pretend; it offers nothing but versatility and variety, a mirror image of the performer.

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