Thursday, October 23, 2008


The music of Woodfish can be described as a combination of rock, jam, funk and progressive styles which, infused together, provide audiences with an intoxicating and entertaining musical experience. Whether playing in a concert hall or an intimate barroom, in front of 3 or 30,000 people, Woodfish remains true to the spirit of rock and roll by bringing charisma and passion to every song they write and perform. At a Woodfish show a wide range of audiences, from young children to baby-boomers; hip-hoppers to punk rockers; tweens to teens and college students to jam band enthusiasts, are often seen moving and grooving together throughout an explosively energetic performance which typifies the live Woodfish experience.

The inception of Woodfish can be traced back to when brothers Steve (on bass) and Dominic Kalorin (drummer) would perform together at local NJ open mic and jam nights. As the brothers progressively began identifying a cohesive, consistent sound in their jams, which combined elements of free jamming and applied traditional and cutting edge songwriting arrangement styles, audiences took notice. This increasing demand enabled Woodfish to perform in larger venues that tended to rely only on large scale, well known cover band acts to entertain audiences.

Much of Woodfish’s celebrated and unique sound stems from the drive of Steve’s bass and Dominic’s drums. However, no two Woodfish songs sound exactly alike, which allows audiences to connect with the true, diverse spirit of rock and roll music, while hearing a variety of musical influences reflected throughout the Woodfish experience. The power of music has always been fundamentally important to each member of Woodfish. Brothers Dominic (drums) and Steve (bass) Kalorin were raised surrounded by a variety of high level musical influences, including classical, jazz and contemporary stylings, which can be detected throughout Woodfish’s intensely rhythmic sound. Singer Jimmy Counihan’s love of music can also be traced back to his youth in which, by the age of six as a member of his church concert choir, his commanding vocal prowess had received notice. Guitarist Doug Mikula found his musical calling at the age of twelve. As a natural, Doug’s guitar chops have been described as “shredding steel into little bits of musical, melodic nuggets.”

The music of Woodfish has been formally recognized by both peers and industry with the presentation of several awards including: “Best Groove Rock Band, Best Jam Band, Best Bass Player” and as the “2006 New Jersey Shore Performer of the Year.” Additionally Woodfish has had the privilege of playing along side highly esteemed musical acts, including: Foghat, Keller Williams, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, The Spin Doctors’ Chris Barron, Particle, Oteil & the Peacemakers (from the Allman Brothers), Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Will Hoge, deSol and Constantine Maroulis. Currently, Woodfish is looking forward to spreading their love of rock & roll by impacting additional audiences with their high energy musical performances. ## MySpace ## CD's ## MP3's ## Hype Machine

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