Saturday, November 8, 2008

Amy Macdonald

She's humble, thoughtful, and not one for mindless chatter. She'd sooner talk about her favorite bands and songwriters, about football and films, than about herself. But put Amy Macdonald on stage with a guitar in her hands, let loose her rich, bell-clear voice on a brace of superb original songs-and the self-effacing 20-year-old with the pale skin and wide blue eyes is revealed as a compelling performer possessed of formidable musical gifts. Her Decca Universal debut album, This Is The Life, is equally impressive. On each of its eleven tracks, Amy's own acoustic guitar patterns form the foundation for the beautifully detailed arrangements created by producer Pete Wilkinson and mixed to perfection by Bob Clearmountain. The result is a seamless set of contemporary folk-flavored pop-rock with a warmly natural sound and free of hip-hop affectations. Amy's melodies are incredibly catchy-the quality that has made "Run," "This Is The Life," and "Mr. Rock & Roll" into international radio favorites-but her lyrics sometimes hint at a darker, edgier undercurrent. "Footballer's Wife" ponders the devaluation of celebrity, from James Dean and Marilyn Monroe to today's reality-show wanna-bes; "Poison Prince" is a sharp-eyed 'look at the high-wire act of Pete Doherty , one of Amy's earliest and most important musical inspirations. "Youth of Today" is a challenge to older generations, firm and clear-eyed without being self-righteous-Amy's version of "The Times They Are A-Changin'" or "My Generation." This Is The Life began moving up the British chart soon after its initial release in July 2007. The album reached Number One on January 13, 2008, knocking Radiohead's In Rainbows out of the top slot. To date, This Is The Life has sold more than 700,000 copies in the UK (double platinum) and over one million worldwide, making Amy Macdonald the biggest-selling female British artist to emerge last year. Thus far, her album has reached Number One in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands and cracked the Top 20 in Germany, Ireland, Austria, Belgium and Greece. Back in the USA, the excitement has proven contagious. In April 2008, Amy arrived in the States for debut club appearances in Boston and New York. Her 4/28 performance at Great Scott in Boston prompted The Boston Globe to hail Amy Macdonald as "a 20-year-old lass with a guitar, a strong will, thick eyeliner, and a voice that snaps you to attention.We give her a year before she's headlining the Orpheum [Theater]."

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