Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ryan Adams Announces Hiatus


"Ryan Adams and the Cardinals are going their separate ways, the prolific singer-songwriter writes in a long, long blog post. Adams proclaims that the band’s tour-ending show in Atlanta will be “my last venture with the band and i am grateful for the time we have had and maybe someday we will have more stories to tell together.” The Cardinals have served as Adams’ backing band from 2005’s Cold Roses to last year’s Cardinology. “I am however ready for quieter times as i think it is very evident i am struggling with some balance and hearing issues.”

In fact, Adams blames his ear problems for “false” reports that he’s been intoxicated during concerts. “People accusing me of not being sober when i am suffering tremendous pain and nausea from my inner ear symptoms,” Adams blogs, stating all the reasons why he’s going on hiatus for a little bit. “I am excited to step away. i lost more than anyone will ever know (hearing, someone i loved, my sense of dignity, a never ending losing battle with stage fright.” Adams also promises not to blog anymore, as he needs a private life that is his own.

Despite Adams’ threats of hiatus, it was reported just last month that Adams was already hard at work on the Cardinology follow-up, tentatively titled Dear Impossible. Getting Adams to stop recording seems more impossible than anything else, given his bottomless vault of unreleased material, but we’ll take him at his word. Adams is keeping himself busy as a fledgling author with two books: his 286-page Infinity Blues is due out in April and another book is in the pipeline (Adams says “i LOVE writing….yay!”)"

Cardinology bonus tracks:
Color Of Pain
Heavy Orange
Memory Lane

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