Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bob Dylan- Live At The Newport Folk Festival-1965

Bob Dylan
Newport Folk Festival
Newport, RI

Maggie's Farm
Like A Rolling Stone
Phantom Engineer
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Mr. Tambourine Man

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Anonymous said...

This is a great upload and thank you very much. I want to add some notes that you , or anyone else who downloads this, may find useful. First the tracks are not in the right running order. I know this isn't your fault as I've seen this error all over the net. If you are a big Dylan fan then you must have the DVD that came out not long ago featuring all Dylan's filmed recordings from the three Newport Festivals 63-65, called "The Other Side Of The Mirror". I have consulted this and the Joe Boyd autobiography "White Bicycle" (Joe was the soundman for this concert). I believe the correct running order should be:
a) Maggies Farm (your track 1)
b) It Takes a Lot To Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry (your track 3)
c) Like A Rolling Stone (Your Track 2)
d) Pete Yarrow(the MC) talking to the crowd (your track 4)
e) Mr Tambourine Man (Your Track 6)
f) It's All Over Now Baby Blue (your track 5)

If you have access to any sound editing software then there are a number of other corrections that can be made.

The sound levels vary tremendously and I would suggest the following as a way to balance these. So based on my running order:

Track 'a' reduce to 90% of original
Track 'b' vol up 315% and delete last few secs of audience where vol suddenly drops
Track 'c' vol down to 90% of original
Track 4 vol up 315%
Track 5 vol up 400%
Track 6 vol up 400%

At the beginning of It's All Over Now Baby Blue (your track 5 my track 'f') you can hear Dylan ask Pete Yarrow for another guitar. This is in the wrong place, it should be moved to the end of Pete Yarrow's speech track 'd'(your track 4). If you watch this on the DVD I mentioned above you can see Dylan come on to the stage to play his acoustic set with a guitar that has a top with a Sunburst finish. There is a cut at that point because the next scene shows the audience and then pans back to Dylan playing Mr Tambourine Man, but he's now playing a guitar with a blond top. Therefore he must have swapped guitars just before this song and he continues using this instrument on Baby Blue as well.

If you listen to the end of Baby Blue (track 'f' your track 6) you will hear that someome has stuck on the beginning of Mr Tambourine man. That section should be cut and pasted on to the beginning of Track 'e'. There are also some gaps at the end of tracks that should be deleted, but NOT between tracks 'e' and 'f' as there is a cut in the tape here, so a gap of a few seconds is correct.

Joe Boyd in his book is quite definite in saying that Dylan rehearsed 3 songs with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and these were played in the order I state above. But there is a puzzle, why does Pete Yarrow say "he could only do these two songs" ? if he's referring to the electric set then this is at odds with what Boyd said about playing 'It Take A Lot To Laugh' ie 3 songs. Does he nean Bob now only has time to play two acoustic songs ? If so then why at the end of Mr Tambourine Man does he say to the audience "Bob Dylan !" as though Dylan is leaving the stage ? Is he not expecting a second song to be played ? Somebody can probably explain it all :)

Anthony Harland