Friday, February 20, 2009

Diane di Stasio

The diverse musical world of classical crossover has never before known an artist as captivating and imaginative as Diane di Stasio. With an enchanting soprano voice, she delicately fuses both classical and contemporary sounds into a tapestry of hypnotic melodies. From heartbreak to happiness, Diane’s haunting vocals gently embrace the listener, taking audiences on a surreal journey through the many colors of emotion.

Her latest recording project with ShadowLand Music and Universal Music has allowed Diane to realize her own musical vision…immersing herself in the unique facets of musical styles from pop to opera. Her upcoming album, “Vox Eterna,” embodies the captivating theme of Diane’s timeless sound that crosses all borders and lands. Like day fading to night, the beauty of her music lives in the delicate twilight that exists between darkness and light.

“I have always wanted to bridge the gap between worlds that seem like polar opposites – blending the refined sounds of opera with modern musical expression,” says Diane. “I love the idea of pure, ethereal vocal lines connected with cool rhythms. It is that special blend of beautiful and mysterious melodies that allows a song to weave through the soul,” says di Stasio

Diane’s timeless and haunting voice indelibly marks all who hear, making her a compelling world- class artist.

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