Friday, February 6, 2009

One Warm Coat Teams Up With Jason Damato

One Warm Coat, a non-profit organization which sponsors coat drives around the country, has partnered with LA-based singer-songwriter, Jason Damato, to spread the word about the need for donated coats through Damato's recently created virtual window to the beach on his website, Window To The The site offers viewers a chance to escape their current wintery surroundings for a few minutes with a video of the beach set to Damato's beach-tinged single, "Floating Down A River".

The site, which debuted during the holiday period, has already garnered thousands of hits and continues to be a popular destination as the winter chill continues to wrap its arms around the country. The entire idea behind the "virtual beach" was inspired by the 2nd annual Warm Coats + Warm Hearts coat drive, sponsored by Good Morning America in partnership with One Warm Coat and Burlington Coat Factory.

"One morning I was watching Good Morning America and they did a segment involving their annual coat drive. They told the story of this family who were left homeless after the parents lost their jobs. These people had nothing but the clothes on their back and each other. They were so grateful to simply receive a coat and their story resonated with me because I have been in that situation before. " Damato comments.

After moving to Los Angeles two years ago, Damato was homeless for six months while struggling to fulfill his dream. He slept in his car and sought refuge from his harsh reality at the beach. "Surfing has always brought such a sense of comfort to me. The beach is somewhere everyone can relax, no matter what and my love of it was something I wanted to incorporate into the site so people could see what helped me, and maybe it will help them escape the cold for a few minutes," Damato shares.

Damato has now partnered with the organization which inspired his website. The partnership includes a banner linking to One Warm Coat's website so people can get more information on the organization and how to help out. He has also written a song about his experience and intends to offer the song online with a portion of proceeds going to One Warm Coat.

"I just want to help out in any way I can because One Warm Coat is such a great thing. They help a lot of people in need and I want to make sure people know what an amazing organization they are," Damato adds.

One Warm Coat's President, Sherri Wood, adds, "Music is a great way to spread the message of One Warm Coat. We are thrilled to work with Jason to explore ways that we can let more people know about the need for warm coats."

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