Friday, April 17, 2009

Rosie And Me

Rosie and Me are a folk/acoustic band from Curitiba, Brazil, made up of Rosie, Alex, Guilherme and Tiago. Their music is driven by Rosie’s voice, with an increasing level of vocal participation from Alex, whose voice blends entirely with the whole set.

Perfectly matched, their songs are catchy and heartbreaking at the same time. While “Come Back” introduces you to sweet acoustic guitar, introspective lyrics and Rosie’s inspiring singing, "Folkie Song #2" is one of those songs that get stuck in your brain for several days. Well worth a repeated listen, or ten.

Describing Rosie’s voice is a bit tricky: it’s almost impossible to do so without sounding cliché. Slighty folk-ish, a bit pop-like, it’s definitely far away from that squeaky annoying singing voice that haunts contemporary teen idols. Soft and powerful in the same song, she manages her voice and accent in a unique way, and it never fails to give you a ‘kick’ in the gut.

And one may say that Alex’s voice sounds rather ordinary, at first. But Alex proves them wrong at the very beginning of their cover to the song “I Lost You (But I Found Country Music)", originally recorded by Ballboy. His voice is then not only strong and confident, but also gentle and smooth; a perfect fit to dazzling guitar strings and sweet lyrics. It’s hard to think of anyone better to offer such a great counterbalance to Rosie’s voice.

What they create is simple, yet smart and contemporary: good, honest songs.

  • Come Back
    You're Laughing At Me
    Old Folks (New Year)

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a banda é muito boa mesmo!