Friday, May 1, 2009

Howling Bells

Nettwerk Music Group is proud to announce the signing of Australian rock n' rollers Howling Bells. The breakout group is set to release their sophomore album and North American debut Radio Wars on July 28th in the US and Canada, with their smoldering first single "Cities Burning Down" out June 2nd on iTunes. They'll celebrate early by joining Coldplay on their North American tour this May and June.

The UK-based band--lead vocalist Juanita Stein, guitarist brother Joel Stein, bassist Brendan Picchio and drummer Glenn Moule--formed in Australia in 2004 and shortly after moved to London, where they recorded their 2006 self-titled debut album with producer Ken Nelson. Since the first guitar strums of their stellar eponymous debut, the group has delivered a dark and razor sharp rock n roll sound that has left fans and media swooning in their wake. Driven by singles "Setting Sun" and "Low Happening," the success of Howling Bells saw the foursome tour with the likes of The Killers and Placebo in Europe and Snow Patrol in Australia.

Already a top 30 album in the UK, their sophomore release Radio Wars sees the band expanding their darkly majestic sound and seems certain to elevate the group to a wider consciousness. The dark subject matter that marked the first remains, but it's a set of songs that are far more adventurous and diverse sounding, yet equally as melodic. For Radio Wars, the band partnered with Dan Grech-Marguerat.

The UK press have continued to pour on critical praise, declaring Radio Wars "unashamedly epic in it's scope, awash with windswept beauty and darkly romantic lyrics..." (UNCUT). The DAILY MAIL observes: "Singer Jaunita Stein's breathless vocals evoke vintage Debbie Harry while nodding towards the swagger of Garbage's Shirley Manson."

Now fresh off a triumphant homecoming show at V Festival in Melbourne, the group has the distinct pleasure of joining Coldplay this May and June as they tour across the US and Canada. Concertgoers will do best to be punctual as the Bells have been known to put on an intoxicating live performance. Says NME,"Take one magnificent frontwoman, one guitar genius, and a set of incredible songs, and what do you get? Total brilliance, obviously."

Cities Burning Down
Golden Web


Tina said...

Great post, love this band...Golden Web mp3 somehow didn't work as a is missing ...maybe try again? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the fix...great song, hadn't heard it yet...can't beleive it took this long to get a US label deal

lmorland said...

I also love Howling Bells! I'm so excited they're on tour with Coldplay! I can't wait to see them perform together!