Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rob Nicholas

A native of Chicago, Rob Nicholas has been writing and recording for nearly 10 years. Rob’s unique brand of fusion music comes from a vast respect and understanding of many types of music. You can hear influences from Latin Jazz to Delta Blues, from Pop to Classical. Rob always tries to be inventive and innovative.

Trying to play out as much as possible, Rob has been welcomed at various venues as a supporting act at The Red Room in Davenport, Iowa for G-love and the Special Sauce, Martyrs Chicago for Brian Vander Ark of the Verve Pipe and at Eastern Illinois University for Howie Day. Rob has also played in various places in Chicago such as the Cubbie Bear, The Double Door, and Subterranean.

Rob has bounced around a lot of projects in the past five years with the culmination of the 2006 release of “Secrets To Be Told” under the group, Rob Nicholas and a Moments Notice. It was during this recording that Rob’s numerous styles were portrayed. Songs like, “In Hopes to Comprehend” and “Maya” grant some insight into how Rob tries to blend world music with Pop and Rock where as “Sitting Away” demonstrates Rob’s more singer/songwriter styles. Shortly after “Secrets to be Told” was released, A Moments Notice disbanded leaving Rob with an interesting task ahead.

Rob took some time off to write and develop a new sound. Rob currently plays with a band of musicians that consist of percussion, bass, electric keyboards and synth, electric guitars, and acoustic guitars. Rob is currently in the process of writing an EP that is projected to land sometime in the beginning of 2009. Rob’s goal is to bridge the gap between good stylistic Pop Music with Electric influences. Some of the influences of this new project can be found in the music of Sting, Apex Twins, Jars of Clay, and early 90’s alternative.