Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trina Elle

Since she was a child, Trina Elle showed an interest in music. Her mother recalls hearing her sing along to various songs or movies all the time.

As Trina grew up, her interest in music and singing grew to become a passion. In school, piano lessons were always her first choice. She went on and participated in various variety shows and talent shows, including Montreal’s renowned Reggae Festival. With the help of a vocal instructor, she perfected her technique, since vocalizing was very important in keeping her vocal scale strong and powerful. Trina then took on song writing to create her own original material. As time passed, she developed and perfected her writing skills, growing to become the talented singer and song writer she is today.

In 2009, Trina has completed and produced her first album, named My Reality. All 14 tracks are performed, and lyrics are written, by Trina Elle.

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