Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eva Cassidy

"She could sing anything . . . and make it sound like it was the only music that mattered."
-- Richard Harrington, The Washington Post

That quote pretty much sums up what Eva Cassidy can do to a person. For me personally, the first time I heard her I was at a friends house and I was just speechless. There are very few musicians that have ever made me feel that way, and she is still the only one that still has the same effect after years of listening. To really appreciate Eva, you have to know the story behind the music, and it's a tragic one to say the least. Eva died at far too young age of 33, of melanoma. Even faced with the horrible reality she was dying, she managed to sing a version of "What A Wonderful World" at a concert hosted in her honor. That should show you how amazing a person Eva was.

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