Friday, November 21, 2008


Rebecca Martin's 'The Growing Season' reflects on love, war and civic responsibilities in a time of crisis. Inspired by Rebecca's roles as a mother and community organizer, 'The Growing Season' offers sophisticated songs of peace and growth for a changing America.

Martin artfully addresses the war in Iraq with "Make the Days Run Fast," a song for her younger brother; a pediatric neurosurgeon who suffered a gunshot wound in his leg while in Iraq.

The birth of her son Charlie James, now three, motivated Martin to take an active role as a community organizer in Kingston, NY, building a neighborhood civic group now known as Kingston Citizens.

Rebecca Martin explains: "My work in music and the community are one in the same, they are both a public service requiring ongoing care and a clear intention. Both are truth-seeking tasks. Both can transform the way people think and act in the world."

Together, these influences are woven into the seamless narrative of 'The Growing Season,' which incorporates diverging routes to wisdom and fulfillment to create a very personal album that is both meaningful and tuneful.

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