Monday, April 20, 2009

Starnes And Shah

Starnes & Shah is the folk-rock duo of Dania Abu-Shaheen (Arab rock'n'roll hopeful/singer/songwriter guitarist) and Zilpha Starnes (Texan choir girl/vocalist/keyboardist). In 2005, this unlikely pair began delivering music to New York audiences that always left the bar wanting to hear more.

Starnes & Shah's first recording effort was an acoustic EP, Here Again on the Island, which they completed at the Loft Studios in Bronxville, NY. The six song EP was recorded and engineered by Matt Noble and features Sarah Nurbhai on violin.

Shortly after releasing the well-received EP, the duo returned to the Loft to record Summer in the Woodshed. The full-length album was engineered by Roy Matthews and features Eric O'Connell on drums. While promoting Summer in the Woodshed in dive bars and well-known New York venues including The Living Room and Kenny's Castaways, Starnes & Shah gained the
reputation of being the little folk band that promised a great show complete with catchy melodies and infectious harmonies that made folk music enjoyable to punk rockers, classical music enthusiasts, and everyone in between. Their music also made an impression on the radio community when the song Wilt was featured on NPR's Open Mic.

In 2008, Starnes & Shah began working on their second full-length album Pink White Blue Green. While writing the album, they packed their Astoria apartment and 13 rough mixes in a rental car and moved to Boston. They returned to the Loft Studios for whirlwind weekend recording sessions with Eric O'Connell on drums, Matt Noble on Bass, and Roy Matthews in the role of engineer and general music guru.

Described by bassist Matt Noble as 'psychedelic folk', Pink White Blue Green is a musical tilt-a-whirl spinning with rock energy dipping in and out of the expected and the strange. Launched to space and back, The Arab expat and Dixie deportee prove to listeners that no matter how peculiar or mundane the surroundings, Starnes & Shah always have something to say that's definitely worth listening to.

Pink White Blue Green is set to be released in May of 2009 and Starnes & Shah are ready to play
for you! They can be heard in and around Boston and New York.

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