Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mod-L Society- Janie EP

When most people hear the name Mod-L Society, they won't recognize it. Mention the name Adam Duritz, and people automatically visualize the crazy haired lead singer of Counting Crows. Mod-L Society was Adam's first band, formed in 1986 and very short lived. They released only one EP, containing only 2 songs. Most sources I've seen say only 100 copies were ever produced, and I have seen some copies on Ebay go for a couple hundred dollars or more. The production on the two songs leaves a lot to be desired, but it's an interesting listen to the beginning of Adam Duritz's singing career.

  • Janie
  • Back To Baltimore


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know where to find a copy of the Janie EP?

Anonymous said...

this is an amazing site for everything counting crows related, and you can download all the songs too!!!