Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jeff Buckley- Garbage Can Tape

Sometime during fall of 1996, East Village resident Barry Paddock was walking down 2nd Ave. At 12th Street he spotted a pile of cassette tapes left on top of a garbage dumpster. Curious, he decided to sift through he tapes to see if there was anything worthwhile. Most of the tapes were pre-recorded stuff like the Beastie Boys, which he didn't particularly care for, but one tape he found was a blank tape with a hand written label that read "J. Buckley Stuff". Barry saved that tape from the trash and took it home. The tape is approx. 35 minutes long and consists of Jeff doing 7 solo acoustic covers. The best guess is that the tape was made circa 1992 or 1993.

1. Parchman Farm
2. If you see her, say hello
3. I know it's over
4. Hallelujah
5. Let time stand still
6. Madame George
7. Killing time

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Andreas said...

How cool is that!