Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tim Buckley-Love From Room 109 At The Islander

I got a chance to check out the Tim Buckley documentary "My Fleeting House" the other night and have since been obsessed with one song in particular (even though it's not even included on the DVD), a song called "Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway)" from the album "Happy Sad". It's a pretty roaming sounding song, and doesn't really fit it any specific genre, but it is really one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Clocking in at just under 11 minutes, it might seem a little too long for some, but if you can just close your eyes and free your mind, it will take over every part of your mind and take you on a journey like nothing you've ever experienced.

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Jon said...

You've got my interest peeked - unfortunately the download link isn't working. Can you try to repost the mp3? Thanks, I love what you're doing with this blog!!

rebecca said...

I didn't have the patience yesterday to listen to the song. But I will give it a chance later on, then post a new comment.

Many thanks for that kind gesture on the board. Should I be surprised though? It's how the people in this city treat each other! :)