Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brian Wilson- Adult Child

I don't know much behind the making of this album other than the fact it was never officially released, and it was recorded around 1977. I put this up there as one of Brian Wilson/ The Beach Boys great albums, and it's a shame that it has never been officially released.

  1. "Life Is For The Living"
  2. "Hey Little Tomboy"
  3. "Deep Purple"
  4. "H.E.L.P. Is On The Way"
  5. "It's Over Now"
  6. "Everybody Wants To Live"
  7. "Shortenin' Bread"
  8. "Lines"
  9. "On Broadway"
  10. "Games Two Can Play"
  11. "It's Trying To Say" (aka "Baseball")
  12. "Still I Dream Of It"

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Anonymous said...

This isn't a diss on you, but I've always wondered why people consider this a Brian solo album when Dennis, Carl and Mike can all be heard on it. I've heard elsewhere that it was intended as the follow up to 'Love You', and that album's lukewarm critical reception was the reason why it was shelved.

John said...

Just like with Pet Sounds, group dynamics dictated Brian could only have full control of an album once a decade. Brian wrote most of the songs on Love You, and after the "Brian is Back" thing ended with the lackluster sales of Love You, Mike and the others decided to shelve Adult Child and make an album that was more of a group effort.

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