Friday, May 9, 2008

Lost County Productions

Lost County Productions is an underground music label providing ground-breaking music and mind stopping lyrics to all listeners. An underground label that’s making their name known throughout Virginia, Lost County Productions started out with one goal: to make music that is original and unique apart from what is on today’s radio. Lost County Productions started from with fewer opportunities that led to a struggle of trying to succeed “45 minutes from nowhere.” You may have your regular nine to five or your small convenient stores, or a “silver spoon in your mouth”: Lost County Productions represents what the real struggle is for someone who has no road to travel, or no road to achievement. Lost County is the real struggle of every person fighting to accomplish their goals in life. Lost County Productions was established in fall 2003 in a small county of Middlesex, Virginia. Created by Henry King (a.k.a King Henry), the concept came from being caught in a mental struggle trying to succeed in life. He created Lost County in the idea of having his voice heard in a place that rarely listens to anyone’s voice. Since opportunities seemed limited such as, recording studios, radio stations, etc. Henry King took it upon himself and purchased a Korg Triton LE and Fostex multi-tracker to create his own music. In his perseverance and knowledge of learning the art of production, he produced six CD’s: two solo albums, two group albums and two mix-tapes. After five learning years, Lost County’s Productions consist of loyal and motivated members with a motto of “getting better with time”, and “the sky’s the limit.” Artists known as Pookie, and D. King including the founder Henry King, now make up the dynasty of Lost County Productions. Today Henry King has mastered the production of making his own music, studying the ins and outs of the music industry, and is moving forward in promoting his music throughout the east coast. “A diamond in the rough,” says producer Choir Boy, LCP. Lost County Productions has taken on profitable results and will continue placing great music in every county throughout every state.

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