Friday, June 6, 2008

Jay Nash- iTunes only Indie artist in its charts

Following up on a previous post on Jay Nash, and following the release of his new album "The Things You Think You Need", Jay Nash has become the only artist on iTunes music charts that does not belong to a record label of any kind. The following is a press release from Jay's representatives.

"The Things You Think You Need" Is Only Indie Release On Rock Chart

Within 48 hours of its release last week, Jay Nash's "The Things You Think You Need" hit #22 on the iTunes Rock Chart. To heighten the accomplishment, he remains the only truly independent artist on a list that includes many heavy hitters from major labels.

The album's success can easily be attributed to Nash's uniquely stunning voice and organic ability to tell a spellbinding story. The collection of 10 reflective songs includes appearances by Sara Bareilles and David Immergluck and Charlie Gillingham of Counting Crows. Produced by Chris Seefried (of God's Child and Low Stars), Nash uses his words and melodies to evoke moods and thought without blueprints or songwriting formulas.

One such example of his talents is the song "Barcelona" (featuring Sara Bareilles). During an ongoing MySpace promotion, Jay shared the construction of the song, his own personal photos from the inspirational trip to Barcelona, and the song's lyrics. As an exclusive for his MySpace friends, Jay will share the original, unproduced demo of "Barcelona" in the first week of June.

Watch a clip of Jay and Chris discussing "Barcelona", Sara, and the song production here.

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