Monday, July 28, 2008

Tony Lucca

Tony Lucca is well-known by many for performing with Britney, Justin and Christina on the 90s version of "The Mickey Mouse Club." He was even interviewed and featured in last year's "E! True Hollywood Story" about the kids involved, particularly those aforementioned names. But fast-forward to 2008, and you'll find Lucca very much beyond his Mouseketeer days.

Currently on tour promoting his brilliant stage show, Lucca has cultivated a 10-year solo career as a gifted musician. His rich vocal quality can range from velvet to grit with seemingly little effort. He writes and sings with fervent honesty. His lyrics are provocative in every sense of the word : politically, emotionally and socially. In short, Lucca does what an artist is intended to do: his compositions expose everything within and around him, both beautiful and broken, and dare any listener to ignore his exceptional talents.

His current EP, 'Close Enough,' consists of five tracks recorded with just Lucca and his guitar in a single session. The blues-infused title track has stirred debate amongst audiences for its socio-political themes ranging from war to immigration; controversial subjects many musicians would step back from discussing. Lucca, however, holds up the mirror and asks, "tell me, is it hittin' close enough to home for you, yet?" Also on the EP is the slightly tongue-in-cheek "True Story," an uncensored tale of Lucca's journey into adulthood. Tinged by a country music vibe, the song describes his life from the mischievous days of being a teenaged Disney performer to becoming a conscientious man and artist. In the end, Lucca determines with mature certainty: "it takes the time it takes to get it right."

As L.A.-based Lucca hits the road with singers Joe Firstman (Carson Daly's band leader) and Brian Wright, he has become a mainstay on the tour circuit and in his L.A., Midwestern, and NYC stomping grounds. Already armed with a reputation for captivating crowds with the sheer power and energy of his voice and stage presence, he recently sold out the popular NYC venue, Joe's Pub, entirely on his own merit.

If he's close enough to you this summer (tour dates below), don't miss Lucca on the Firstman Family Affair tour with guest appearances from Carson Daly in select cities.

The EP 'Close Enough' is available now on iTunes. The new album 'Come Around Again' due to be released Fall 2008.

Jul 22 - 8:00P - The Basement - Columbus, OH
Jul 23 - 8:30P - Birdy's - Idianapolis, IN
Jul 25 - 8:00P - The Bitter End - New York, NY
Jul 26 - 8:00P - The Bitter End - New York, NY
Jul 29 - 8:00P - Jammin' - Java Vienna, VA
Jul 30 - 7:30P - Coffee East - Easton, MD
Aug 1 - 8:00P - The Neighborhood Theatre - Charlotte, NC
Aug 2 - 9:30P - Five Points Pub - Columbia, SC
Aug 6 - 8:00P - Smith's Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA
Aug 7 - 8:00P - The Nick - Birmingham, AL
Aug 9 - 8:00P - 3rd & Lindsley - Nashville, TN
Aug 10 - 8:00P - Hi Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN
Aug 12 - 8:00P - Treff's Bar - Waco, TX
Aug 14 - 9:30P - Andys Bar - Denton, TX
Aug 15 - 8:00P - House of Blues - Cambridge Room Dallas, TX
Aug 16 - 8:00P - Parish Room - Austin, TX
*Sep 6 - 9:00P - Lestats - San Diego, CA
*Sep 10 - 8:00P - Red Devil Lounge - San Francisco, CA
*Sep 11 - 8:00P - Imbibe - Portland, OR
*Sep 12 - 7:30P - Q Cafe - Seattle, WA
*Sep 17 - 8:00P - Why Sound - Logan, UT
Sep 18 - 8:00P - House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV

*With Curtis Peoples

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