Thursday, August 21, 2008


As singer-songwriter Tony Lucca prepares to release his independent album 'Come Around Again' next month, he's caught the eye (and ears) of famous fans.

Sara Bareilles, known for the hit "Love Song", confessed to CosmoGirl magazine that she was obsessed with the Mickey Mouse Club and Lucca, one of the show's popular cast members.

"I wrote letters to Tony Lucca--I would have given my right arm for a letter back," Bareilles tells the magazine in the September 2008 issue. MMC has been off the air for more than a decade, but like any fan, she clearly remembers--and still proclaims--that teenage celebrity crush.

Joss Stone, another singer-songwriter phenomenon, attended one of Lucca's shows earlier this year. Motivated by his energy and presence, she surprised fans by sharing the stage with her gifted male counterpart. When invited by Lucca to join him for a song, the two sang together while Lucca played guitar, improvising like a skilled duo.

In both cases, Lucca is humbled and encouraged by the interest he's received from his peers, whether for his past or present offerings: "any musician would appreciate attention from talented artists he admires," says Lucca.

There's no doubt he'll be earning even more attention from listeners as he continues touring and when 'Come Around Again' makes its September debut.

Joss Stone & Tony Lucca--When Love Comes To Town

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