Thursday, October 9, 2008

Carlos Bertonatti

A magnetic smile that lights up an entire room is not the only thing that one notices about the young and talented Carlos Bertonatti. His charismatic personality and humble ways also shine, but it’s really his characteristic songwriting style and captivating sultry voice that have touched the hearts of many.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, and raised between there and his current home in Miami, FL, Carlos has experienced a fascinating life from an early age and has always been searching for ways to express his adventurous and artistic side. He spent long periods of time skiing in the Argentine slopes of Bariloche, where he became part of the Argentine Ski Team. His spare time was focused on surfing every wave available, taking art and culinary lessons, and mostly teaching himself how to play guitar.

He began writing songs in his early teens while he was living in Venezuela for a short time. Once back in Miami, he met Multi-platinum producer Chris Rodriguez who immediately recognized his talent and took him under his wing. Together they created a unique and undeniably feel good album. It’s comprised of catchy hooks and melodies, acoustic sounds sprinkled with an array of eclectic instrumentation and Latin percussion. Songs such as “The Little Things,” show his pop, yet determined to make a statement side. “Story of a Little Girl” and “A Million Miles” give us a sneak-peak into his soul, but “It’s so Easy” and “One Two Three” bring us back to the party and inspire us to tap our feet and dance along.

During the recording process, Carlos began promoting his songs exclusively through MySpace. The response was phenomenal and soon enough he was showered with messages from fans requesting to buy his music. He released an independent album online that he sold through his website and quickly sold out. The buzz continued to spread and early in 2008 he signed the first ever joint venture record deal between Sony ATV Publishing and Epic Records with both acting as record labels. While they plan the release of his upcoming album “Times are Good”, Carlos continues to do what he’s always done. He constantly plays intimate venues and welcomes any opportunity that comes his way that allows him to share his music and connect with his fans.

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