Friday, October 10, 2008

Wil Deynes

You know how sometimes people sound familiar, while also sound original and fresh? Wil Deynes is like that. Put Ben Folds, Dashboard Confessionals and Keane in a blender, hit the switch and the sound you hear will be Deynes.

With a recent feature in Blender Magazine and NPR's open mic. His has a pop sensibility that appeal to all ages, a timeless sound that is gaining Wil a steady following on the east coast.

Fans are surprised to find out that he didn't lay out big bucks on his debut EP, Stay. (Actually, he recorded it in his hallway.) A Mac tech by day, Do it Yourself(DIY) is something he lives by. He has managed to promote himself throughout, and gaining fans by the thousands. On myspace alone, he has achieved over 1 million, Won the #1 spot for "Super Wonderful" at, as well as featured as track of the day and best male vocals for his track 'Say Goodbye' at

Wil is influenced by by a variety of singers and songwriters. His record collection includes everything from Sinatra through the 80s to today's Top 40. Wil is always listening for inspiration—whether it's to people talking on the subway, arguing and laughing on the streets of his Bronx neighborhood, or by just checking out other NYC artists.
Wil's songs have also been played on MyNetwork TV's Desire, Wicked Wicked Games and Secret Obsessions, Maxim Online's Anna De La Garza Video Shoot. His songs "Stay" and "Super Wonderful" charted in the top 10 on American Idol Underground.

Wil is also becoming a favorite on the pod safe music network getting spins on the godfather of podcasting, Adam Curry's Daily Source Code and also The Jersey Todd show.


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