Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tony Lucca Plugs In For New Album And Fall Tour

Tony Lucca may not have been much taller than his dad's classic '73 Aston Martin acoustic when he learned to play the guitar as a very young boy. Since those youthful days of growing up near Detroit's legendary music foundations, he's been known throughout his career as a soulful, acoustic crooner; someone who would occasionally sit behind the piano to expertly play a ballad or pick up an electric guitar for a funkier sound when the vibe was right.

However, as Lucca set out to record his sixth studio album, 'Come Around Again' (available on iTunes), he made a decidedly conscious choice to become even more plugged in - both literally and figuratively. From the sassy single "Foxy Jane" to the introspective "Givin' It All Away," he uses music and lyrics to explore the various moods of rock.

Longtime listeners of Lucca's music will likely find this change an appropriate next step as the singer and songwriter seeks to expand his musical talents in his studio recordings. New fans could hear 'Come Around Again' as a fitting introduction to Lucca's 10+ years of professionally creating and self-producing his own albums and EPs.

In either case, he hasn't completely abandoned the folk-pop sound for which he is so widely known. Lucca says that '73 Aston Martin is "still part of the harem to this day."

Audiences will be more than satisfied with his collection of songs and guitars as he takes the road this fall.

Press Quotes

"The music itself has a timeless quality..."
All Music Guide

".not only is [Lucca] a finely tuned musician with a soft and powerful voice, but a genuine artist who can paint vivid pictures with his words of love, pain, sorrow, and happiness."

"He's one of those immensely talented artists that's flying under the radar... 'Come Around Again' has all the elements we've come to expect from Tony with a more electronic and full band sound."
The Round Table

"[Lucca] so effectively sketches his personal ruminations and observations that he surpasses many of the other like-minded souls who currently are stumbling around, searching for direction and distinction within the singer-songwriter scene."
The Music Box


Nov 6 - 8:00P - The Magic Bag - Ferndale, MI
Nov 7 - 8:00P - The Baker Center - Athens, OH
Nov 9 - 8:00P - House of Blues - Cleveland, OH
Nov 10 - 8:00P - 3rd & Lindsley - Nashville, TN
Nov 11 - 8:00P - The Lodge - Orlando, FL
Nov 12 - 8:00P - The Evening Muse - Charlotte, NC
Nov 14 - 7:30P - Canal Room - New York, NY
Nov 15 - 12:00P - Ram's Head Tavern - Annapolis, MD
Nov 18 - 8:00P - Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA
Dec 5 - 8:30P - The Mint- Los Angeles, CA
Dec 18 - 8:00P - Red Devil Lounge - San Francisco, CA

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