Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maria Taylor

Critically acclaimed songstress Maria Taylor is set to release her third solo album titled Ladyluck on April 7. Teaming up with producer friends Andy LeMaster , Mike Mogis and Lukas Burton and featuring collaborations with Michael Stipe, Nate Walcott and Mckenzie Smith, LadyLuck showcases Taylor's ability to pull at your heart strings while proving she's not a woman down on her luck.

Additionally, two tracks from the forthcoming album, "Time Lapse Lifeline" and "Orchids," will be available digitally pre-release on January 13. "Time Lapse Lifeline," with its orchestral strings and grand melody, tells the story about fast life moves and how everything can change in one moment. Appropriately, the song is punctuated by both a driving beat and lingering plaintive vocals, with breaks of near silence for poignant turns of phrase. "Oh we dreamed a life/ it was just like that was just like that/ and just like that and just like that it's done," Taylor sings as lone strings fade out.

"Orchids" will also be available exclusively on iTunes on January 13. You'll hear the song on the January 22 episode of Private Practice. The two tracks from the album will be a sneak peek of Taylor's most stunning effort to date.

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