Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ashthon Jones

Being beautiful and talented is a gift and a curse. Just ask 22 year-old singer, songwriter, dancer and all-around entertainer Ashthon Jones. While she has that girl-next-door charm and a bright-eyed smile, she was also blessed with dangerous curves and the kind of voice that can turn private chaos into public art. She is the one who is being hailed as Nashville’s first Princess of Pop and R&B and rightfully so being that she is signed to Dee Cee Records, one of the only non-country entertainment companies located on the city’s infamous Music Row. But going against the grain is nothing new to Ashthon. Born and raised between Valdosta, GA and Nashville, TN by a family of singers and musicians, like many legends before her Ashthon got her start by singing in the church choir.

“I think because I grew up singing in church, I really like creating and performing uplifting feel-good music and inspiring people to be happy and live life. My favorite song of all-time is “Blessed Assurance”, so I try to inject a positive vibe into everything that I write.”

She entered and won multiple talent shows as a child but it was when she sang “My Father’s Eyes” alongside Contemporary Christian/Pop phenomenon Amy Grant in Nashville that 6 year-old Ashthon knew she had what it took to be a star. In addition to penning all her own songs, Ashthon enjoys painting, shopping, is in the process of learning how to play the piano and loves to roller skate.
“Anything that allows me to be creative and learn something new and different, I am all for it. As an artist, it is vital to my career to experience life and be the best at everything I do.”
Ashthon Jones blew onto the music scene in 2007 after an impromptu performance before industry veteran Doug Colton of Colton Entertainment that turned out to be the launching pad for her career. “I was immediately signed to a publishing deal, which solidified my spot in the industry.”

On her self-composed debut disc, Introducing Ashthon Jones, there is no question that this cross-over diva is playing the game to win. Each of the six standout tracks boasts a clear “go-girl” purpose and is a self-portrait of her life. On the smooth yet raw track “Notice Me”, which is a reflection of her fun and flirty personality, Ashthon purrs the words: “If you let me use my sexy, gonna make you notice me, if you let me you can bet me I’m gonna make you notice me. If you could feel my touch would it be enough to make you notice me, if you let me you can bet me I’m gonna make you notice me.”

Ashthon also shines on the empowering singles, “Can’t Wait” and “Like This”, while the sassy cut “Salsa” is a Latin-inspired R&B jam that highlight’s the velvety-voiced singer’s passion for dance. “I love getting on stage and drawing the crowd in. I also love to do skits and involve the audience by talking to them to ensure that whenever anybody comes to see me, they are going to see a show.” With production work handled solely by Nashville’s own Bar None, whom Ashthon credits as “discovering her”, Introducing Ashthon Jones is a polished album with Soul, Pop & R&B rhythms that luxuriously invite you into her wonderful world. There used to be pain behind her now confident eyes, having endured a complicated upbringing. After being shuffled between relatives homes in Valdosta and her mother’s home in Nashville, Ashthon never felt a strong sense of belonging. A run-away at 15, she never met her biological father and the man who helped raise her since birth passed away when she was 14.

“My faith in God saved my life. Even when I was living on my own, I never strayed away from the core values I learned in Church. I want to be a beacon of hope for somebody out there who may not be in the best situation but can look at me and know someone who has weathered the storm.” Ashthon is so resolute in her mission to reach the souls of people, that she is looking forward to working with various youth organizations, as well as launching her own foundation aimed at empowering young people. “My voice is a gift from God; so is my talent. There is a sweetness, as well as a rawness about me that I think anybody can relate to. If you put your heart into whatever you want, it will come to pass, I am a living example of that.”

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