Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Devil Makes Three

The Devil Makes Three quite possibly are the best band that you have never heard of. They have been constantly on tour, selling out dates across the country and in their neck of the woods on the West Coast drawing nearly capacity crowds nightly. This is all word of mouth. For the past 7 years, The Devil Makes Three have garnered fans the old school way, playing a city, making friends, conquering fans and moving on. When they hit the next town, venues are packed with folks that heard from a friend in a city that they'd been before.

Laced with elements of ragtime, country, folk and rockabilly, the critically praised, drummer-less trio -consisting of guitarist/frontman Pete Bernhard, stand-up bassist Lucia Turino and guitarist Cooper McBean -brings forth a genuine approach to acoustic music that is deeply steeped in rhythm and alive with three part harmonies, which is pleasingly dissimilar to most other bands in modern music.

The Devil Makes Three had the goal of being "an acoustic band but to play our shows like a rock show," the band changed notions of what acoustic music could be. Mixing styles from the ragtime and country music of the twenties and thirties to the rock-and-roll and punk music of their adolescence, The Devil Makes Three pushes the boundaries of acoustic music. The band combines tight vocal harmonies with idiot-savant finger style guitar to create an exciting and original sound. The end result is genuine blues music that thrives as much in a live setting as it does on The Devil Makes Three.

The Devil Makes Three was conceived on an epic goat ride through the Himalayas in search of the elusive yeti. On this fateful journey the drummer was killed in a bone-crushing avalanche. In another turn of bad luck a wandering priest cursed the three to tour the United States endlessly with nothing to listen to but Ravi Shankar.

Before long the group lost touch with reality and were incarcerated for trying to over throw the government. While residing in the asylum for the criminally insane, all members of the group received electro shock therapy in the hopes that it would make them normal productive members of society.

Strangely enough just the opposite happened and they were eventually released when some paper work went missing. The rest, as they say, is history.

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