Thursday, December 27, 2007

Albums of the year

Well, since every other blogger in the music world has been doing these lists, I figured I might as well join in. Here are my favorite albums of the year, in no particular order. I am working on a top songs of the year mix-CD, look for that posted here in the next day or two.

Colbie Callait- Coco

The White Stripes- Icky Thump

Mandy Moore- Wild Hope

Nick Drake- Family Tree

Rihanna- Good Girl Gone Bad

Cary Brothers- Who You Are

Elliott Smith- New Moon

Norah Jones- Not Too Late

Ryan Adams- Easy Tiger

- Sad Clown Bad Summer #9 EP

Minnie Driver- Seastories

Lil' Wayne- Da Drought 3


Matty D said...

Mandy Moore? Minnie Driver? Wow. LIL' WAYNE!!!! Colbie is talented and a nice girl, but I'm a little disappointed in your selections. No Radiohead, No Bishop Allen, No Arcade Fire, no Springsteen? I can live w/ Rhianna her CD was good, but exceedingly overproduced poppy albums like Minnie Driver and Mandy Moore? Come on, Dan.

Anonymous said...

i obviously need to check out the mandy cd, the only thing of hers i remember liking was a cover of an xtc song. TOTALLY AGREE about Cary Brother's album. Topped my list this year...

Dan said...

Matty D: the Minnie Driver and Mandy Moore CD's are on the poppy side, I'll give you that, but I definitely was able to enjoy them. I haven't heard any of the CD's you listed, so I wouldn't be able to make a judgement on those without giving them a fair listen.

Matty D said...

Check 'em out brother they're really good. Also, Beirut has an amazing 5 song EP available on iTunes. I know everyone is entitled t their own opinion and I'm not trying to be some egotistical music snob, but I was just surprised with the amount of talent you usually put on here. Check out some of the other blogs out here to here some of the other artists. Otherwise, keep up the great work & I look forward to reading more of your stuff itn he new year.