Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Birthday

November 5th was two of my favorite artists birthday's. Gram Parsons would have turned 61 yesterday had he still been alive, and Ryan Adams turned 33. Is it just a coincidence these two have the same birthday, or was it part of God's master plan? Both have similar musical styles, as well as both of them being under appreciated and misunderstood at times. One big difference is that Ryan thankfully has seemed to beaten the demons that sadly took Gram from us far too soon. The following is a show at the Seattle Pop Festival of Gram with his band, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and I have also included a couple MP3's of Ryan covering Gram at the bottom of the post. Take some time out to appreciate these two amazing and talented artists.

Flying Burrito Brothers
Seattle Pop Festival
Seattle, WA

-Close Up The Honky Tonks
-The Dark End Of The Street
-Sweet Mental Revenge
-The Image Of Me
-Christine's Tune
-Sin City
-Man In A Fog
-Wake Up Little Suzie
-You Win Again
-We've Got To Get Ourselves Together
-She Thinks I Still Care
-Sweet Dreams Baby
-Take A Message To Mary
-Train Song

Ryan Adams

Return Of The Grievous Angel
Hickory Wind

Gram Parsons.com
*** Myspace *** CD's *** eMusic *** Hype Machine

Ryan Adams.com *** Myspace *** CD's *** eMusic *** Hype Machine

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rebecca said...

I'd never heard Ryan Adams' version of "Grievous Angel". Thanks so much. Beautiful thing, ain't it?

It's good work you do, Dan. Solid writing.